TIP #7
Alcohol can weaken your resolve, so avoid drinking.

Tips to Help You Quit Smoking
22 Tips for Staying Tobacco Free
TIP #1

Admit to yourself that you are addicted to tobacco. Don't tell yourself that one smoke, or chew, won't matter... it will.

TIP #2

Take one day at a time. Don't decide to quit forever, just for today.

TIP #3

Avoid tension-building situations. This is not the time to go on a crash diet or tackle a difficult problem.

TIP #4

Stay well rested. Go to bed early every night during your withdrawal period.

TIP #5

Brush or floss your teeth or use a mouthwash when you have the urge to use tobacco.

TIP #6

Stay away from strong temptation, especially in the early stages of your recovery.

TIP #7

Alcohol can weaken your resolve, so avoid drinking.

TIP #8

Limit your contact with tobacco-using friends or relatives.

TIP #9

Take six slow, deep breaths when you have the urge to smoke or use smokeless tobacco. Inhale strength and calmness, and exhale toxic poisons and feelings.

TIP #10

Get adequate exercise. Stretch often, take a short walk, climb a flight of stairs.

TIP #11

Remove all evidence of your addiction from your home, car, and workplace.

TIP #12

Don't carry matches or a cigarette lighter.

TIP #13

Drink water or fruit juice - fluid intake lessens cravings. However, avoid coffee or other beverages you associate with smoking or using smokeless tobacco.

TIP #14

Reward yourself regularly for quitting.

TIP #15

Save the money that you are not spending on tobacco and buy yourself a meaningful gift.

TIP #16

Ask your dentist, physician, or pharmacist about using nicotine-replacement therapy products, and follow his or her professional advice.

TIP #17

Increase your support system. Enlist your family, friends, coworkers, and or health care providers to give you ongoing support.You don't fail if you have a slip or a relapse, but only if you don't keep trying to quit.

TIP #18

Call a supportive friend when you feel the need to use tobacco. Share your feelings with this person.

TIP #19

Tell others that you are quitting and encourage someone else to quit. This will make you more accountable.

TIP #20

Find ways to handle stressful situations without a "nicotine fix."

TIP #21

Never get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. These emotional states can lead you right back to tobacco use.

TIP #22

If you relapse, immediately identify the cause of your slip, and plan to cope with this problem more effectively in the future.

Reprinted with permission from : Tobacco and Your Oral Health Arden G. Christen, DDS, MSD, MA Jennifer A. Klein, RDH, MSA.
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