TIP #7
Alcohol can weaken your resolve, so avoid drinking.

About STOP Quit Smoking Today! You CAN Stop Smoking!
Tobacco related statistics for Indiana residents are alarming:
  • Indiana ranks 6th highest in smoking in US
  • Tobacco kill approximately 10,000 Hoosiers every year.
  • 27 Hoosiers die every day from tobacco-related illnesses.
  • Over 40% of 12th graders currently smoke.
  • 57% of infants born in Indiana went home to smoke-filled environments.
  • Smoking costs every man, woman, and child in Indiana $548 per year for health-related costs.
  • 15.1% of pregnant women in St. Joseph County smoke cigarettes (Indiana ranks 12th highest in infant mortality).

Residents notice an increased amount of advertisement and publicity to increase awareness regarding local tobacco activities and deceptive tobacco industry practices.

The program has four essential components:
  • Building Strong Communities Based Partnerships, including Diverse Partnerships
  • Protecting Hoosiers from Environment Tobacco Smoke
  • Reduce Youth Initiation to Tobacco
  • Promoting and Using Cessation Resources
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